Aldi Candles vs. Bath and Body Works Candles – Review

If you shop at Aldi frequently, you may notice that they have Huntington Home candles in their Aldi Find aisle every so often. They are a 3-wick candle in a jar similar to Bath and Body Works.

So what’s the deal with them? Are they just as good? Or is the $3.99 candle a dud?

Aldi’s Huntington Home 3-wick Soy Blend Candle $3.99

I’m happy to say that these candles from Aldi are SO GOOD and for a fraction of the price of most candles (lookin at you, Bath and Body Works).

When the Huntington Home 3-wick candles are in the Aldi finds aisle, you will only find 4 different scents at a time. Each time they come back, they typically have 4 more different scents to choose from.

Each candle is a soy blend, 3-wick, 14 oz jar.

Now, I can’t say this for every single scent they have put out in the past or will in the future but I have used 6 different scents and they were all very fragrant.

Our store typically only gets a few flats of these candles when they come in, so they sell out QUICK! When I see them in the sneak peek Aldi ad, I am sure to get in and grab the ones I want.

Note: Aldi does also put out other candles but I can not say they are as fragrant as the 3-wick candles I am talking about here. We have in the past purchased the Essential Oils candle – a Lavender and Eucalyptus scent.

To our disappointment, the Lavender was not very fragrant when lit however the Eucalyptus was. However, with the 3-wick candles talked about in this post, every single one we used so far was very fragrant.

Bath and Body Works 3-wick Candle $24.50

Advertised as the “World’s best 3-wick candle”, Bath and Body Works has a large line of yummy scented candles.

Each candle is a 3-wick, 14.5 oz jar. Most (if not all) of the new Bath and Body Works candles are also made with essential oils.

While the candles are very fragrant and they have a lot of wonderful scents, the price is pretty steep for one candle. However, they do have sales for these candles a few times a year. With coupons and sales, you can get them for as low as around $10 a candle.

Aldi Candle & Bath and Body Works Candle Comparison Summary

Both candles produce a very fragrant scent that fills up the room quickly.

Both candles are about the same size, Aldi’s candle being .5oz less. (14oz vs 14.5oz)

Bath and Body Works has a much larger variety of scents to choose from. Aldi only has 4 different scents at a time and it is not available every single week.

Bath and Body Works candles are made with essential oils while Aldi’s candles are not at this time.

Aldi’s candles retail for $3.99 per candle, while Bath and Body Works candles retail from $24.50-26.50 per candle. With sales and coupons, you are able to get a Bath and Body Works candle for around $10.

We personally would rather get the Aldi candles because of the price and I think they are just as good as the Bath and Body Works candles. Even though they don’t have a huge variety of scents each time, we are always happy with the scents that the (Huntington Home) line has to offer.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Shopping at ALDI

Are you new to Aldi stores? There are a few things you will want to know before you stop in on your first trip to Aldi.

Shopping at Aldi is a little different than most big chain grocery stores. This post is intended to get you a little more ‘prepared’ for your first trip to Aldi.

I admit, sometimes I still make rookie mistakes even though we mostly only shop at Aldi for our groceries. But don’t fret – there are ways around some of them.

1. Bring a Quarter

At Aldi, you will need to “rent” your grocery cart. Before you grab the cart to go into the store, you will need to insert a quarter that will release the cart.

When you are finished with your cart, you will return your cart to the corral and get your quarter back.

This cuts down on time that the employees would need to go out and round up the carts. It’s a pretty genius idea!

Expert move: See someone in the parking lot that is about done with their cart? Save them a trip and exchange their cart with a quarter.

2. Bring Reusable Bags

Reusable bags are the way of the future, although many grocery stores still have plastic bags at check out.

Aldi does not have bags to pack your groceries in. However, if you do forget your bags, you can buy them at the register. They have sturdy plastic bags that can be reused, reusable bags, freezer bags, and paper bags to choose from.

If you forgot your bag and don’t want to buy additional bags, find an empty box in the store. All of the products throughout the store will be in a boxes.

To cut down on time (time = $$) employees simply place flats of the food or products right onto the shelf. You can use this to your advantage.

You can place your items in the box and carry them out all in one go – especially if you aren’t buying many items.

3. Pack Your Own Groceries

Once you get to the checkout, the cashier will scan your items (very quickly!) and place them into another cart next to them.

Once you are finished paying, you will need to give them your cart in exchange for the cart they just filled with your groceries.

There is a long shelf along the back wall that is available for you to pack your own groceries on.

4. No Coupons

Aldi does not accept coupons. Most of their items are their own brand although they do have “brand name” products from time to time. Typically, those products are an “aldi find”.

You will find that a majority of their foods are much cheaper than your local grocery store anyway.

5. There is no Customer Service Desk.

Most grocery stores will have a separate area for customer service. Aldi does not.

If you have questions or need to return something, you go right to the cashier.

Speaking of return policies, Aldi has a great one! It’s called the “Aldi Twice as Nice Guarantee”. If you buy something and are not satisfied with it, you can return the product for your money back AND they will replace the item as well.


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We shop at our local Aldi in Pennsylvania, USA. Unfortunately, not all Aldi’s carry the same products and several items come and go (Aldi Finds) so we apologize in advance if you are not able to find all the items we share in your local store. We are also not affiliated with Aldi in any way – we just love shopping at Aldi and want to share that love with you!

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